My name is Melanie Lino and, what's to follow is coming straight from the heart. If you encounter typeo's, my apologies. I want this to be an honest introduction to my honest brand. 

At some point in our live's we question our purpose. We dig deep for our reason for living, search for what is it that fuels us and drives us to be better humans. In 2010 I found all of that through baking. I wish my story was as lovely as, "I've been baking since I was a child" or "My grandmother is the best baker in the Universe and she's taught me all that I know" but, it isn't. In fact, no one in my family bakes except my self. In the fog of 2010, while searching for validation and certainty in my life's purpose, I got curious and wanted to try something I've never tried before. I had spent countless hours on the internet researching the history of all types of baked goods, going through A LOT of trial and error but, also being very impressed with many first try's. Realizing my capability, I grew a deep love and desire to create baked goods. There was a time where the baking came to an end due to fear however, after another self-discovery in 2014, I now understand that life is for living and loving what it is that you do while you live it. Baking, to me, is more than just mixing a batter and popping it in the oven; It is an art form. It is a blank canvas, open to create unique flavor combinations, confusing the palate from what it's used to, the norm. My goods will create an enjoyable experience while satisfying one's craving. I use au-natural, organic ingredients in all of my baked goods. I also stay true to using Organic Unbleached Flours, Unrefined Sugars and do my best to support the farmer's of the Lehigh Valley for produce and dairy whenever possible. Made By Lino is unpretentious, honest, and delightful.